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Studio Training


I operate most sessions from my own private training studio in Seven Dials, Brighton. The Studio is perfectly equipped and designed to offer intensive workouts to clients of all fitness levels and has the latest in functional and strength equipment.


The studio also offers changing and shower facilities and is for your use only, you are hiring your own private gym.

Working out at my studio location limits distraction and enables clients to focus purely on the workout at a time of day that suits them.

Unlike outdoor training, we can train here in all weathers.

Home Training


Taking time out of your busy day to travel to the gym, find a parking spot and then get changed can be stressful and difficult for some.


To combat this I offer home training to those with the space to accommodate a personal training session in either the garden or a large room at home.


Let me take away your concerns of finding the time to get to the gym and design a fully functioning exercise program that can be delivered in the comfort and privacy of your own home.



My private studio is located on the ground floor of Reach Physiotherapy on Dyke Road, just off the Seven Dials roundabout. Street parking is available outside for just £1 per hour.


Reach Physiotherapy

101 Dyke Road






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