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Phillip - Sales Manager

"As a father of 3 I was really struggling to get my body back in shape and was increasingly concerned about my 'DadBod' whilst on holiday. I had been following Joe for a while on Social Media and eventually decided to take the plunge and got in touch.


Initially I signed up for 12 sessions but then decided I loved it so much I purchased another 24 sessions! Training with Joe is great and I always get the most out of my sessions with him. Joe encouraged me to re-activate my old gym membership and I top up my sessions with Joe by going to the gym every Saturday.


On top of that I now play football every Thursday and in general I try to be more active. Joe has also taught me the importance of counting calories and watching what I eat."

Katie - Company Director

"I've been training with Joe for more than 2 years and really recommend him highly. He motivates and pushes me and I always feel safe in the knowledge he knows his stuff and will make sure you don't get injured in the process.

He mixes up the sessions with different things all the time so it is never boring and I feel stronger and fitter than I ever have.

I've actually loved it so much I've now decided to enroll in a Personal Trainer Course myself!"


Agnes - Student

"Honestly, if you're looking for a personal trainer, look no further. Joe is brilliant! Not only does he create amazing workouts specifically for your needs, he also makes you feel 100% comfortable whilst doing them.


I was going to the gym and just not getting the results I wanted, so I decided to look into personal training. Since working with Joe I feel so much stronger both physically and mentally. I also have so much more confidence in trying new things in my workouts and pushing myself to go that bit further.


Joe is super easy to get along with and I always have a great laugh with him. I look forward to my workouts every week now! Thanks Joe!"



Dominic - Doctor

"I have been working with Joe for 8 months now. I work as an NHS Doctor in Anaesthetics so I have pretty long hours and work lots of nights and weekends. For that reason I have found it hard to motivate myself to get to the gym in the past.


Joe's Studio Gym is less than 5 minutes from where I live in Seven Dials so it is easy to get there on days off or after work. Joe has been a great PT, he is really knowledgeable, has tailored my program to meet my goals and provides the right amount of support and encouragement.


As well as guiding me through resistance training he has also enabled me to think about my diet and change my eating habits. He is also very easy to chat to and get along with.

I have become more toned and have lost 5kg of fat from my body so I'm pleased with the results so far!"

Taras - Business Owner

"I have never been to the gym before and used to just do push-ups and sit-ups at home. Since training with Joe I am feeling great.

Joe has been keen to ensure that my training sessions are targeted to the areas of my body I want to work on.


His approach is to keep my enthusiasm up by ensuring I never get bored, always changing things up and pushing me hard. If you want to ask me anymore about training with Joe feel free to pop into Coffee 33 on Trafalgar Street anytime and just ask for Taras."

Yuxi - International Student

"I have been training with Joe for a few years now and I've gained a lot in terms of fitness,strength and exercise knowledge. I have an intense lifestyle and was struggling to sleep all the time. I came to Joe and set my goal as to improve my sleep and focusing more on living healthier.


He is very supportive and fun to talk with, I really like his Instagram where he puts great meal ideas,his hardworking clients (like me) and comparison pictures. This is wonderful to share and he is delivering the message that better exercise and diet is not a task,it is a good lifestyle that will benefit all in the future.


Now I am free from insomnia,stronger and leaner thanks to Joe pushing me hard. My new goal is now to get even stronger, oh and I also enjoy boxing padwork."

Melodie - International Student

"I trained with Joe for 10 months twice a week. He is a great Personal Trainer who makes working out a difficult but fun challenge.

He is friendly and curious about the world, which means he is also very good company.


Working with Joe allowed me to lose 8 kilos, gain some muscle and manage the stress of my masters course at the University of Sussex. I highly recommend him!"


Ann - Marketing Director

"I'd had trainers in the past but never felt they pushed me or cared about the results I was trying to achieve.

When I first came to Joe I asked him to push me hard and told him I hadn't felt my muscles ache for some time.


Joe delivered on his promise and pushed me to my limits each and every session and made me feel as if I was finally changing my body.

With the nutritional advice included I lost 11lbs in 8 weeks and I'm feeling much lighter and fitter."


Cherry - Beauty Therapist

"If I can do it then anybody can do it! I used to train alone at the gym but never really knew if what I was doing was correct and didn't see results. 


Thanks to Joe I lost over 14lbs Personal Training twice per week. The training was hard but also fun and enjoyable.


Joe helped me with my diet & nutrition and the tips he gave me I will keep using.

My investment in the training was very worthwhile!"

Orla - Marketing Director

"I really enjoyed working with Joe. He's incredibly knowledgeable and

motivational without being patronising or shouty.


But, make no mistake, he works you hard. He listens to your goals and every session is tailored to you.


Plus, he gets results - you get out what you put in and he makes it easy to put in the effort.

Couldn't recommend him highly enough."


Steve - Bank Sales Manager

"I've joined the gym several times in the past but never quite stuck with it. However since signing up with Joe I have not looked back.

He keeps the sessions varied to prevent me getting bored, and he always pushes me to reach my limit and train hard.

Together with the training and the nutrition advice I am now 35lbs lighter and loving it! My entire transformation happened in only 12 weeks.

If you're prepared to work hard then Joe is the trainer for you, I could not have reached my goal without him."

Sylvia - Company Director

"Joe is great - he gets the most out of me as I'm not the biggest fan of exercise and can't discipline myself at all.

I visit Joe on my way to work twice a week and it's now part of my routine and I love that he offers half hour sessions too. Would recommend."

Kim - Social Worker

"If you want to feel motivated to reach your fitness goal then Joe is your man!

As a dancer I have flexibility but wanted to strengthen my joints more and this has been achieved surprisingly fast with Joe's help. I also have more defined muscle tone which is an added bonus and my whole body overall feels so much stronger. Joe is always supportive and encouraging whilst pushing me to the max. He has a friendly, laidback personality but don't let that fool you, he will keep you focused and on track. He has definitely been the push that I needed to stick with it.

I have learnt that without his initial assessment of exercises needed and his ongoing guidance I would likely be doing the wrong type of exercises and the wrong way.

Joe is also knowledgeable about a wide range of health and wellbeing issues and is happy to share information and offer appropriate advice - this makes sessions more interesting and enjoyable so an hour of hard work can often fly by.


The gym itself is great - well equipped and professionally managed along with a friendly, chilled atmosphere. It's really good working out there with people from a wide range of backgrounds, ages and levels of fitness or rehabilitation. All in all my experience of training with Joe has been excellent - inspiring, motivating and results driven."

Eunice - International Student

"Joe is very professional and helpful. He knows how to push you to your limits.

In the first 10 sessions I gained much strength which I never thought I could achieve, I also now feel more energetic every day.

In total I lost 5lbs of fat so I would recommend his studio to my friends."

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