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I like to think that any fitness goal can be achieved through the Personal Training I offer, some of the popular goals that clients like to work on are...

Weight Loss

Starting to notice an increase in weight that just keeps climbing?

As we get older our metabolism slows down and our body requires fewer calories, combined with a rise in the number of jobs requiring minimal physical activity and the results are a nation of steadily increasing overweight people.


Having your main goal of shifting excess weight and to starting to feel slim again can be really tough. But with me by your side I can ensure you are doing the correct exercises and following the right type of diet. We will also monitor and track your results through a number of measures using the latest techniques.

Tone Up

You might have hoped that running around the park or attending your favourite spin class would result in dramatic changes in your physique turning it into a lean and toned body with great shape.


Look past this common misconception and realise that the way to shape and tone your body is through a progressive resistance training program. Women need to lift weights to change their shape just the same as men and can often see results quicker.


Don't be worried that you will suddenly bulk up and start to look too muscular, all of my previous female clients have really improved their shape with the use of weights and very little cardio.

Strength Training

Recent studies have shown that strength is more beneficial than flexibility as we get older. Strength training will increase your bone density, improve joint stability and have you more able to cope with everyday life no matter what age you are.


Professional athletes now partake in regular strength training sessions to improve performance within their chosen field. So regardless of your goal whether it be to improve your serve on the tennis court or give you more confidence in the boardroom let me show you how strength training can benefit you.

Injury Rehabilitation

Whether you are at a high level of fitness or have never stepped foot in a gym, injuries can affect you at any age and time. You might be now experiencing pain in your shoulder, knee, lower back or any of the other common problem areas, but don't worry Personal Training can help you.


Whether you have your own Physiotherapist or choose to work closely with my recommended Physiotherapist you will be subscribed with a tailor made exercise and stretching program to help rid you of your injury once and for all. Not only that but we will follow up your program with a preventative exercise program to stop you falling victim to any common injuries in the future.

Muscle Building

Look and feel better about your next trip to the beach. Build up a muscular physique to make your clothes fit better and your arms fill your t-shirts. Men and their looks are in the spotlight more than ever before and we are starting to have a greater focus on our appearance.


Don't just spend countless hours in the gym trying to get fit, get something from it and build up muscle that will give you confidence and make you feel better about yourself.


Before you know it your friends and work colleagues will complement your change in appearance and ask you how they can do the same.

Personal Training Prices?

My rates are based on my experience, qualifications, facilities and level of service offered. So if you’re looking for a high standard of Personal Training with a proven track record of getting results then look no further.  


Included within the cost of my sessions are the following:


  •  Use of a private studio gym
  •  Full nutritional advice specific to your goal
  •  Shower & changing facilities
  •  Additional training plans to complete outside of sessions
  •  Full-time support, guidance and encouragement


45 Minute Sessions

1 Session - £40

5 Sessions - £175

10 Sessions - £350


60 Minute Sessions

1 Session - £50

5 Sessions - £225

10 Sessions - £450 


Please note I don't advise less than 2 sessions per week unless you are willing to complete additional exercise within your own time.

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